Diana Lundin

Diana Lundin · Partner

Phone: 206-849-0519

As a young adult I realized I was drawn to law and the complexities of the criminal justice system.  Those old movies with dramatic courtroom scenes seemed interesting and exciting.  I liked the idea of standing up for someone and being able to prove my point, so I entered legal studies.  I graduated from law school at U.C.L.A. in 1996 and relocated to Washington the same year.  Since then I have worked as an advocate for individuals facing criminal offenses and licensing consequences.

At Lundin Law PLLC, I handle administrative hearings before the Department of Licensing, represent clients in civil and criminal appeals, and help individuals vacate or seal records.  In those roles, I enjoy success when it comes, but ensuring client satisfaction is my biggest priority.

My goal is to defend my clients against overzealous police officers, prosecutors and administrative Hearings Officers, while also providing the tools necessary to navigate any consequences as smoothly as possible.

When I m not “in the trenches” at work, my time is spent raising my two boys, who are turning into sports fanatics just like their mom.

Practice Areas:

  • DEPT. OF LICENSING– Hearings before the Dept. of Licensing related to DUI arrests, but also habitual traffic offenders and other drivers license suspensions.
  • APPEALS– Criminal and civil appeals in superior court, Court of Appeals and the Washington State Supreme Court.
  • VACATING/EXPUNGING CONVICTIONS–  Cleaning up old criminal convictions through expungement of dismissed cases, vacating of criminal convictions and sealing of court records.


University of California -Los Angeles (J.D. 1996)
Humboldt State University (B.A. 1993)