As a lawyer, my satisfaction comes not only from arguing the law, but from helping people stuck in the legal system.  I understand that the legal process is uncomfortable, confusing and sometimes frightening, and sympathize with the stress it creates in your life and your family. I don’t negotiate contracts, write wills, or handle bankruptcies; I concentrate on defending those accused of crimes or facing license suspensions.

  • APPEALS– Criminal and civil appeals in Superior Courts, Court of Appeals and the Washington State Supreme Court.
  • DEPT. OF LICENSING– Hearings before the Dept. of Licensing related to Washington State and Seattle DUI arrests, but also habitual traffic offenders and other drivers license suspensions.
  • MISDEMEANOR DEFENSE– Representing people charged with simple and gross misdemeanors, such as driving with license suspended, theft and reckless driving.
  • VACATING CONVICTIONS –  Getting relief for people with old cases by vacating criminal convictions.