It can be scary and confusing when faced with a driver’s license suspension. This could be happening because you have incurred too many traffic infractions, failed to pay outstanding court fines, were convicted of too many driving-related criminal offenses, or were in an accident without having insurance.  Your license could also be administratively suspended as a result of a DUI arrest, even if you have not yet been charged or convicted.

If have been arrested for a DUI (or related charges such as minor in possession/consumption), you could face not only criminal penalties, but also a Washington State driver license suspension from the Dept. of Licensing, the court, or possibly both. It is important to understand each process independently, as well as how they are related.

For commercial drivers and minors, there could be additional consequences to your license. It only gets more complicated if you are licensed in Washington State but received a DUI in another state, or have an out-of-state license but are cited for DUI in Washington.

I am here to help you understand the Washington State driver license suspension process and the potential consequences to your license. I will try to avoid sanctions if possible, lessen their impact if they happen, and help you get your license back afterwards. Working with one of the few attorneys in Washington State emphasizing drivers licensing issues, you are in trusted hands with Fury Duarte PS.

In the following pages, hopefully you will find the answers to most questions. Of course, every situation is unique and may require additional help. Please feel free to contact me at (206) 849-0519 or email me at

Washington State DUI Licensing Information

Dept. of Licensing Hearing Process
Dept. of Licensing Penalties
Licensing Consequences from DUI Convictions
Dept. of Licensing Appeals
Ignition Interlock Licenses
Ignition Interlock Devices
Commercial Drivers Licenses
Penalties for Minors
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