At its most basic, a Washington State Diana LundinDUI case has two (2) parts: There is the Dept, of Licensing side and the criminal side. They are completely separate, with separate hearings and separate penalties. Because each part of a Washington State DUI is so specialized, it can be very beneficial to work with an attorney that knows how to handle both sides. I have spent the last ten years defending against license suspensions and arguing defense motions in criminal court and on appeal.

I want to get the best possible outcome for you, while at the same time minimizing the impact to your life and family. If this is the first time going through the Washington State DUI process, I know it can be overwhelming.  When you are ready to discuss your case in detail, please call me at 206-849-0519.

Washington State DUI Information

Criminal Process

Criminal DUI Process
Criminal DUI Penalties
Licensing Penalties from a DUI Conviction
Marijuana DUIs
Challenging The Breath Test
DUI Plea Bargains
Entering Canada With A DUI
Deferred Prosecution
Alternatives To Jail

Dept. of Licensing

DOL Hearing Process
DOL Penalties
Ignition Interlock Licenses
Ignition Interlock Devices
Commercial Drivers Licenses