Diana Lundin

Posted on January 29, 2013   |   by Lundin Law PLLC
Diana Lundin

As a young adult I was drawn to law and the complexities of the criminal justice system.  Those old movies with dramatic courtroom scenes seemed interesting, exciting and real.  I liked the idea of standing up for someone and being able to prove my point, so I entered legal studies.  I graduated from law school at U.C.L.A. in 1996 and relocated to Washington the same year.   

Since then, I have enjoyed a diverse career representing civil litigants and individuals facing criminal offenses or licensing consequences.  Also, in my role as a Law Clerk for the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division One, I helped craft opinions addressing a wide range of important issues and experienced firsthand the “view from the bench.”

I advocate daily against overzealous police officers, prosecutors and administrative hearings officers, while also providing my clients with tools and practical advice to navigate any consequences they may endure.

Practice Areas:

  • APPEALS– Criminal and civil appeals in superior court, Court of Appeals and the Washington State Supreme Court.
  • DEPT. OF LICENSING– Hearings before the Dept. of Licensing related to DUI arrests, but also habitual traffic offenders and other drivers license suspensions.
  • VACATING/EXPUNGING CONVICTIONS– Deleting arrest records and non-conviction data, vacating of criminal convictions and sealing of court records.


University of California -Los Angeles (J.D. 1996)
Humboldt State University (B.A. 1993)