When you are stopped for a driving offense or a loved one is arrested, it is very frightening. Most people don’t understand the process, don’t know what the next steps are, and don’t know where to turn for answers. I hope you can find that information here.

There are very few resources on the web for people to find information about DUIs, Dept. of Licensing, criminal defense, and appeals. Government and court websites offer bits and pieces of information, but they are hard to find and often incomplete.  I want information to be shared, not guarded.

The knowledge center is a place where people can go to understand the process, find the answers to specific questions, and be a general resource.

I hope you find the information you are looking for!


Types of Appeals
The Appeals Process
Dept. of Licensing Appeals
Discretionary Review

Driving Under the Influence

Dept. of Licensing
DOL Hearing Process
DOL Consequences
Dept. of Licensing Appeals
Ignition Interlock Licenses
Ignition Interlock Devices
Commercial Drivers Licenses
Driving Penalties for Minors
Habitual Traffic Offenders

Criminal DUI Process
Criminal DUI Penalties
Licensing Penalties from a DUI Conviction
Marijuana DUIs
Challenging The Breath Test
DUI Plea Bargains
Entering Canada With A DUI
Deferred Prosecution
Alternatives To Jail

Vacating Convictions


Misdemeanor Defense

Reckless Driving
Negligent Driving
Minor DUI
Boating Under the Influence
Minor in Possession (MIP)
Assault 4th Degree
Theft 3rd Degree
Driving With License Suspended